Strength: 40% vol.

Volume: 700 ml

Glenroger’s 8-years old pure malt whiskey

Glenroger’s is a perfect 8 years old Scotch whiskey, made by Robert Fleming, a Master Blender, who personifies the heritage of four generations of his family.

Aging in barrels made of white oak, previously filled with Bourbon, it is distinguished by careful blending of more than ten varieties of malt. Thanks to this unique composition, it is a perfectly balanced whiskey, and its taste is both complex and delicate.

Glenroger’s warrants a great experience to your taste buds.  The taste of vanilla and oak combines with the delicate flavor of fruit and coconut, transitioning smoothly to the long, sublime finish.

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Appreciated taste

A Platinum Medal at the Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards in Newport Beach, California, in July 2017. A Silver Medal during the Spirits Challenge (ISC) competition in London in June of 2016.

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