Krupnik Bitter

Strength: 30-32% vol.

Volumes: 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

“Bittery” is the custom name of bitter-sweet liqueurs, characterized by dry taste and a delicate spicy aroma. Krupnik Tradycyjny Gorzki is made in 100% of natural ingredients – macerates of orange, walnuts, lavender and cloves.

The recipe was recognized as the best on the market in its category. The consumers have decided that Krupnik Tradycyjny Gorzki is the best when it comes to taste, aroma and color. It is a high-quality product, distinguished by original taste, which will make a perfect gift. It is also available in the variant with refreshing mint.

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The best Polish recipe made of natural, macerated ingredients inspired by the tradition of tinctures that have been appreciated for generations.
A legendary Polish recipe made of natural, macerated ingredients and enriched with a hint of mint.

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