Krupnik liqueurs

Strength: 30% vol.

Volumes: 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

Krupnik fruit liqueurs belong to the great category of vintage alcohols, made on the basis of old Polish recipes, passed on by subsequent generations.

Their unique intensity and aroma come from the juicy fruit, ripening in the sun, grown in Polish orchards, meadows and gardens. When ripe, they are picked manually, macerated and enriched with unique spices. The composition is made perfect by adding the best alcohol, which gives it a smooth taste, and thanks to long-term aging, Krupnik fruit liqueurs are a unique combination of Polish tradition and craftsmanship of three generations of distillation masters.

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Krupnik Cytrynowy is a refreshing, aromatic liqueur, combining the taste of fresh Sicilian lemons with Krupnik vodka of the highest quality. It tastes great alone, and it can serve as an ingredient of vari-ous cocktails. The enriched recipe has given it an even better, refreshing citrus taste.
In tasting tests, Krupnik Cytrynowy has been evaluated by consumers as the best for its natural taste and aroma.
The intense aroma of Krupnik Orzechowy comes from a perfect combination of two types of nuts: hazelnuts and walnuts. Slightly sweet, aromatic, enriched with the best alcohol, it is a perfect product for those, who value traditional flavors with a delicate twist.

In tasting tests, Krupnik Orzechowy has been evaluated by consumers as the best for its natural taste and aroma.
Krupnik Pigwowy is one of the best-selling flavored liqueurs on the market. It has earned its reputa-tion to the old Polish recipe, which has allowed us to rediscover the refreshing taste and wonderful aroma of the forgotten quince fruit. The noble composition of quince fruit ripening in the autumn sun makes it slightly sour, with an aromatic, intriguing finish. The enriched formula makes it taste drier and less sweet.
In tasting tests, Krupnik Pigwowy has been evaluated by consumers as the best for its natural taste and aroma.
Krupnik Śliwkowy is the most popular flavored liqueur of this brand.
Its natural taste has been achieved by using an old recipe, passed on from generation to generation, and fruit of the best quality. The taste of plums, which ripened in the sun for a long time, macerated with aromatic spices, melts in your mouth, tasting of delicate sweetness with a slight addition of warm spices and some taste of wine. The composition brings to mind aromas of the childhood and the ripe autumn.

In tasting tests, Krupnik Śliwkowy has been evaluated by consumers as the best for its natural taste and aroma.
The best varieties of cherries from Polish orchards give Krupnik Wiśniowy its natural taste and per-fect ruby color. Made on the basis of Krupnik vodka, it combines the sweetness of fruit ripening in the sun with a noticeable hint of cherry stones. This clear liquor of perfect thickness was distinguished by consumers during tasting tests thanks to its best aroma and aftertaste.
Historically, Krupnik is an old Lithuanian drink, known as Miecionikas, from Mieciones, that is, barley groats. It was an extract of barley groats, seasoned with honey, herbs and spices In Polish, this vod-ka distilled with honey was called Krupniczek. Over time, it became the most excellent beverage, served on the Polish tables during special celebrations.

In the times of the pre-war Poland, Krupnik was popularly made as a thick vodka with honey, creamy butter, pepper, cinnamon and many various spices. Only the factory in Łańcut knew how to make it clear, in the light color of golden honey.

Today, Krupnik Old Honey, made in one of the oldest distilleries in Poland, is an original alcoholic beverage tasting of honey and spice, made on the basis of an old Polish recipe from the 18th centu-ry. Natural bee honey, spices and aromatic herbs make it a wonderful drink, if you want to warm up a bit.

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