Strength: 40% vol.

Volumes: 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml

It has always been considered to be one of Poland’s luxury vodkas. Many consumers still remember it being available only in the specialized Pewex stores under the communist rule. Today, Polonaise vodka is better than ever. Thanks to distillation of the most noble variety of rye – Dańkowskie Złote – repeated rectification and filtration, we have obtained a crystal-clear vodka, which is delicate in taste, to bring people together and let them have a good time.

We know how to make a good vodka.

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Perfect recipe

The recipe for Polonaise is the essence of an unbroken, centuries-old tradition of master distillers, of whom Polmos Łańcut is famous. Polonaise is a vodka created to relish the mild taste and natural, delicate aroma characterising top-quality vodkas.

Polish vodka

Polonaise is a combination of authenticity and modernity, and it meets strict requirements of the Polish control system of product origin. It is a genuine Polish vodka, which is produced only from the highest quality ingredients

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