History of Polmos Łańcut

In the late 18th/ early 19th century, Łańcut was a part of the vast estate of Lubomirski family, administered by Duchess Izabela Lubomirska, née Czartoryska.

The beginnings of the distillery go back to year 1764 –  a document from this year has survived until our times, which confirms its existence. At the time, it produced spirit, anise and sugar vodka.

However, the distillery flourished most impressively under count Alfred Potocki, who took over the land of the Lubomirski family in Łańcut and Lviv. Apart from spirit and anise vodka, it started producing single and double vodkas, liqueurs, creams and ratafias.

In 1900, in Paris, count Alfred Potocki’s Vodka Factory won a golden medal during the World Fair for the exhibit of its products. The prize sealed the plant’s repute.

The pre-war period

In 1917, the factory in Łańcut was transformed into a joint-stock company, which aided its further development. In 1924, the State Spirits Monopoly was established in Warsaw to manage the spirit industry and trade on the national scale.

During the Second World War, production in the Łańcut plant lasted until year 1944. Unfortunately, near the end of year 1944, a great part of it was destroyed

After the war

Six years after the end of the war, a state-owned enterprise was established under the name Łańcuckie Zakłady Przemysłu Spirytusowego. In the late 1960s, they produced 15 varieties of pure and flavored vodkas in the quantity exceeding 200 thousand bottles per day.

In 1991, as the Polish Spirits Monopoly fell apart, the Factory in Łańcut earned the status of an independent state-owned enterprise, and on the 1st of November 1998, it started operation as a joint-stock company named Fabryka Wódek “Polmos Łańcut” SA. The production profile encompassed more than 60 products in almost all market segments, as well as about a dozen own liquors.

In 2004, POLMOS ŁAŃCUT became a part of Belvedere S.A., one of the leading corporations in distribution of alcoholic beverages. At present, the enterprise belongs to the MBWS Group and develops dynamically, taking advantage of the Group’s potential.

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