MBWS Poland activities during COVID-19

13 April 2020

Dear Employees / Dear Business Partners

We are currently facing challenges related to the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, which prompted MBWS Polska to take specific actions both to ensure the safety of our employees, business continuity and support services and companies that counteract the epidemic and fight its consequences.

Employee safety is our primary goal, therefore, as part of employee protection, we have introduced appropriate prevention procedures in the workplace, included as a Guide to Good Practices. It includes general guidelines for occupational health and safety in epidemic conditions as well as detailed guidelines for work organization, including e.g. body temperature measurement at production facilities and the possibility of remote work for all functions where possible. We also provided disinfectant and direct protection for employees. A specially appointed crisis team constantly informs employees about the epidemiological situation in the country and adapts operational work to current government regulations.

We support local communities by actively participating in the fight against the epidemic by delivering ratified spirit for disinfection purposes to local municipal and local government institutions, as well as hospitals in the Podkarpackie and Pomorskie provinces, thus enabling them to carry out their activities. At the moment, we have delivered 3.8 million liters of alcohol to support local services in these difficult times, and subsequent deliveries of 1.7 million liters will be carried out in the coming weeks.

At the same time, we assure you that we strive to provide safe working conditions and support for our employees, suppliers and to responsibly carry out business tasks that are tailored to the current situation.

MBWS Polska Management Board


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